Visiting Krabi – Why You Must Go To Crystal Pool Hot Springs

January 17, 2020
Visiting Krabi - Why You Must Go To Crystal Pool

In the southern part of Krabi within the district of Klong Thom lies some of the most amazing hot springs you can find in Thailand. From deep underground the volcanic chambers, these waters break through the surface, creating hot waterfalls and rivers, eroding at the earth to create natural tubs.

Taking a dip into one of these natural jacuzzis is a fantastic experience. Hovering at a pleasant and comfortable 40 Celsius, anyone relaxing in one will feel all their stress and burdens melt away, and as if their muscles are rejuvenated. Couple that with a refreshing dip in the cool river after a hot soak, the body is jolted back with energy.

It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? These hot springs are a must-visit if you ever find yourself in Krabi. However, if you’re looking for one of the best hot spring experiences ever, the Crystal Pool is one you cannot miss:


The Crystal Pool

Also known as the Emerald Pool, the Crystal Pool lies within the Khao Nor Chu Chi forest. While the hike itself to the pool can be up to a kilometer long, it is an easy trail, since there’s not much climbing to do. During the hike itself, however, you’ll pass plenty of waterfalls, smaller pools, and streams, amid the thick vegetation.

At the pool, you’ll be greeted with warm waters that house a unique underwater ecosystem fueled by the mineral-filled warm spring. Of course, the pool itself is of stunning emerald-green and a little bit of deep blue—truly a stunning color combo, not to mention that the waters are crystal clear. The best part about this pool is that you’re allowed to take a dip here.

You can spend a whole day around this pool, as there are plenty of hiking trails to be enjoyed. If you don’t want to go alone, there are tours available that lead you to the Crystal Pool. While you can rent a car or a bike to get there yourself, because the distance is quite far, we do not recommend taking the motorcycle.

Then, just 600 meters away from the Crystal Pool lies the stunning Blue Pool. While you might be tempted to swim, be cautious. The water is boiling, and because the pool itself is surrounded by quicksand, swimming is prohibited.


Best Times and Alternative Pools

Both pools attract plenty of visitors due to their beauty, and you’ll find that at certain times of the day, the sites are just filled with people. Because of this, if you’re looking to enjoy a peaceful hike and time in these sites, go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the times when tours aren’t going on.

Alternative hot springs have also been developed around the original pools, which allow people to enjoy a spa-like experience. One of the pools is part of a resort, where serious hot-spring lovers can bunk in for the night. There, you can enjoy massage therapy, and watch little fishes nibble away at your dead skin cells.


The Takeaway

If you want to enjoy an incredible experience with hot springs, not to mention the adventure of reaching such a place, the Crystal Pool is the place to be. With its warm waters that welcome your body to soak in, along with plenty of hiking trails and other activities you can do, you can spend a satisfying day or two on this beautiful site. If you’re looking for a beach resort in Ao Nang, get in touch with us today to book your stay.

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