6 Best Summer Cover-Ups for Your Visit to Krabi Beach

March 22, 2020
6 Best Summer Cover-Ups for Your Visit to Krabi Beach

Going to the beach in the summer involves much preparation, from booking your transport and accommodation to your daily activities. During this whole process, some things tend to be forgotten, such as thinking of your daily wear. Not only do you want to wear something functional, but you would also want to put on something that makes you look great.

Bringing your swimwear and your beach towel is sure to be on top of your list, but while on the beach, you may not have the time for a complete outfit change after each dip. To help with this situation, you may consider bringing cover-ups instead of burning through your daily wear.

Are you going to Krabi beach this summer, and simply don’t know what to wear? Here’s a simple list of some fashionable summer cover-ups for your beach trip.


1. Sleeveless Shirts

Sleeveless shirts would definitely be on the top of your list of cover-ups for the beach. While only giving protection enough to cover the essentials, it’s possibly one of the more comfortable attire to wear on the beach.

While the intense heat of the sun can be particularly gruesome, wearing a sleeveless shirt can allow for more access to the breeze to help you cool down. It can be a highly stylish choice to showcase the beach body you’ve been cultivating these past few months.


2. T-Shirt

Going with the plain t-shirt is also a valid option for the beach. While staying simple and comfortable, including trunks outfit with it is a classic look that no one would laugh at. It also acts as a good cover from the sun and can be found in almost any shop if ever you need one.


3. Sundress

Sundresses are perfect for the summer, and they look classy with almost any footwear (even when going barefoot). Going out in this outfit undoubtedly gives off a classy vibe, especially if patterned with a summer hat and shades.

While many think that summer dresses make you look overdressed while at the beach, picking the cut, style, and material can make everyone stop questioning your style choices. Make sure to pick out dresses made of materials that are light, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to dry.


4. Button-up shirt

The button-up shirt—much like the sundress—makes for a very classy statement on the beach. While usually considered a top for business settings or formal events, throwing this over shorts with the sleeves rolled up turns it into a dashing spectacle. Women can go for this look too, or simply use an overly large button-up shirt and fashion it as a shirt dress!


5. Sarong

The sarong’s popularity in fashion has picked up in recent years, and it works as the perfect cover-up for the beach! It comes in multiple colors and designs, and its material dries quickly under the warmth of the sun. The added benefit of extreme comfortability while wearing it only adds to its versatility.


6. Kaftan

Similar to the sarong, the kaftan is breezy, comfortable, and works well when enjoying your time at the beach. It’s simple, yet classy design makes for a stunning image that also covers much of your skin, making it perfect for protection from the sun.



While these are all great fashion styles, the most important style is one that suits you! No matter what you wear, as long as you’re comfortable, then it will work for you.

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