5 Reasons to Choose a Boutique Hotel for Your Next Trip to Ao Nang

December 13, 2019
Pakasai Resort

One of the major decisions that you will have to make when traveling is finding the right accommodation. Most of us can admit that picking the right hotel to suit our needs and budget can be a daunting process. No matter which part of the world you are traveling to, where you stay plays a vital role in your overall travel experience. For those who have not yet ventured into the world of boutique hotels, you may be surprised by how amazing this option is. 

Boutique hotels started in the 80s in New York, where multi-storied apartments and bungalows were converted into artistic hotels to giving guests a unique living experience and the city’s diverse cultures. These hotels are not your typical luxury chain hotels, as they are built to create an intimate, artistic, and curated experience for guests.

So you might wonder, what’s the fuzz all about? Here are five reasons you should choose this offbeat and character-filled option for your next travel accommodation.



  • Character and details


One of the unique aspects of boutique hotels is that they have personality. While each is unique from one another, most boutique hotels share amazing attention to details. From the entrance to the reception area to the far end corners of your room, decorations in boutique hotels often have a personal touch and character. 

You may find fresh flowers in the bathroom, a set of binoculars at a seaside window, or new novels at your bedside table. These small details and personalized touch create closeness with the hotel and its guests. Whether modern, hip, whimsical, or romantic, strong themes are normally common in boutique hotels, which is why there is always a style for every guest.



  • Location


One of the reasons most tourists prefer to stay in luxury hotels is because they are located centrally. Boutique hotels, however, are located on some of the urban and hip-like corners of the city, making you experience the local culture at a deeper level. Imagine waking up in the morning in an environment full of local restaurants, chic-like cafes, spray-painted walls, and underground bars, all at an arm’s reach.



  • Personalized service & care


Boutique hotels are designed to cater to a limited number of guests. Unlike luxury hotels or other big commercial hotels, you can expect personalized service and care from their staff. With only about fifty to one hundred guests at a time, boutique hotels aim to offer personal attention to every guest that lives within their premises. The staff caters customized service, engages with their guests, and pays personal attention to their needs. As a result, that will give you an experience that is memorable and home-worthy.



  • Affordable pricing


Boutique hotels offer great value for your money. While they are more expensive than motels, most rates are comparable to the other hotels in central locations. With the personalized services and diversity that you will receive, it will be worth the money you spend.



  • Interesting architecture


You will be surprised to know that boutique hotels are not the same because each boasts various styles of architecture. The majority of these boutique hotels choose local designers and architects who are very much acquainted with the local culture. Most designs are focused on giving guests a cultural touch—a home away from home. You also will be able to share an over-the-table conversation with the staff or the owner and discover the hotel’s fascinating history. 

Whether it’s for a romantic getaway, family trip, solo travel, or reunion with friends, boutique hotels will be an excellent choice of accommodation for your next trip. They create an elegant-yet-intimate atmosphere that is ideal for a relaxing getaway, with benefits and amenities that make them a great value for your money. We’re a boutique resort in Ao Nang, get in

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